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The Daily James - Happy Fountains

The Daily James

began as a chronicle of one yard in Los Angeles, and now, through Instagram it has inspired over 200,000 followers to share in the discovery —and in the creation—of their own sanctuaries. A cornerstone of this big city yard’s transformation has been water fountains.

There’s an art to the form and function of moving water design to be welcoming and accessible to birds and other wildlife. Once the proper fountain is established, the results are dramatic, with countless species visiting both day and night, a huge benefit to our ecosystems, and happiness for both wildlife and humans. If you’ve ever watched ten hummingbirds bathing at the same time, a honeybee taking a sip of water, or a mama owl soaking her feet in the middle of the night, you’ll understand.

Fountains for Wildlife

Not sure which fountains can work for the wildlife? The Daily James makes the selection for you. 

Self-contained fountains

These fountains use recycled water and are easy to set up and clean. Most importantly, these fountains are hand- picked by The Daily James as being wildlife-friendly.


This fountain is/these fountains are great for wildlife. The wide and shallow surface provides a perfect place for birds to drink and bathe.