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Tea Garden Fountain (Deep Blue Sea) - Happy Fountains

Tea Garden Fountain (Deep Blue Sea)


designed by Jackalope Pottery on Burbank Blvd in North Hollywood

You’ve found the perfect fountain.

Innovative original design for self-containment, introduced to America by the acclaimed Kevin Xu, with waterfall & reservoir in one body, with the jar itself as the water chamber, allowing sound to resonate inside.

Sounds so wonderful!  Very pleasing to the ear, quite musical with the tone and pitch changing based on the water level in the water drum chamber. Gorgeous, high-quality, fountain perfect for your home or garden. Transform your backyard into a blissful sanctuary!

Durable, too. High fire ceramic (fired over 2000 degrees Fahrenheit), lasting in day-to-day use, outdoor, with true frost-resist construction.

Beautiful, of course, too.  Designed by Kevin to be symbolically in line with the spirit of the Japanese tea garden, available here in a glaze of “deep sea blue”.

Buy direct and save. Buy direct here the same fountains featured in celebrity estates, country clubs, movie sets (literally!), and more. Stunning color, quality construction, from North Hollywood’s “best kept secret” for large high-end pottery & fountains.  Easy set up. Just add water to the fountain jar, plug in the water pump, and watch and listen as the water flows throughout the fountain.  Self-contained, ships with everything included for continuous water circulation, including water pump.

Cord extends from backside, 12 feet, and can be thoughtfully hidden by groundcover or landscaping stone.

Free shipping within USA.

Ships fast, from our Stockton, CA or Atlanta, GA warehouse. Packed carefully and thoroughly for a top-notch shopping experience.

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– Large Fountain Jar: 21″ x 32″

– Medium Fountain Jar: 18″ x 27.5″

– Small Fountain Jar: 15″ x 23″

– Mini Fountain Jar: 14″x20″


– Water Pump Kit

– Fountain Jar



“This place is amazing! I have no idea how I have lived in LA for my whole life and have never been here. They have the most incredible selection of pots. Best I’ve ever seen and decently priced. I have been to a few different warehouses throughout LA searching for more antique Moroccan pottery and this place is the absolute best! Highly highly recommended.”

– Meghan D on Yelp in LA

“Just take all my money… why am I so obsessed with this store? I want it all… so many beautiful and colorful options. And the Poterryyyyyyyy!!! Huge inventory and great customer service!”

– Gohar K also on Yelp in LA

Dimensions N/A

XLarge: 24" x 35", Large: 21" x 32", Medium: 18" x 27.5", Small: 15" x 23", Mini: 14" x 20"